Health & Wellness Clubs in schools can favorably influence the habits', attitude and knowledge relating to an individual and community. These clubs can modify our behavior towards the attainment of optimum health. Health & Wellness Club has been setup in the school as per the guidelines of CBSE. The club activities focused on creating awareness regarding various aspects that contribute to health and well being of an individual. Some of the activities taken up by the club are listed as follows:-

  • Red Cross day was celebrated in the school where student were taught to make the First Aid Box.
  • Health and hygiene week was celebrated in the school where students were enlightened on healthy habits and hygiene.
  • Workshop was held for students of class VI on First Aid.


The main aim of this club is to inculcate a sense of appreciation towards the glorious heritage of our country India. Students are made aware of the historical monuments and buildings the activities and excursions held by the club. It encourages the students to preserve and treasure the natural heritage sites and monuments. To relive the glorious past of our country the club organises various trips and excursions to places of historical value.

  • Visit to Albert hall
  • Visit to Akshay Patra
  • Visit to Jantar-Mantar
  • Visit to B.M. Birla Planetarium
  • Visit to Vidhan Sabha


The main motive of the club is to train the upcoming generation as the nature lovers and protectors. Members of the club spread awareness in the school society and outside related to preservation of environment and waste management etc. Members of the club believe that a little effort by each one of them can bring about a big change.

  • A presentation on “Preserving Environment” is conducted on “Earth Day” .
  • Special assemblies are conducted in the school to make children aware of the cleanliness inside and outside the school.
  • Tree Plantation Programme is organised in the school by Interact Club and Eco Club members.


To inculcate the habit of reading and writing in the upcoming generation, Reader’s Club was founded in the school. Students here are encouraged to work upon their power of Reading. They are motivated to read newspapers and books. Discussion are held on books which help in improving their speaking skills. Various activities held by the club are:

  • Poetry writing competition was held on the occasion of Mother’s Day.
  • Debates
  • Discussions
  • Role Play


Interact club gives students a chance to make a real difference while having fun. Club organizes various activities in school to promote their understanding of the community and their requirements. They also help in building leadership skill in their members. Activities carried out under this club are:

  • Tree plantation activity


This club of Hindi Language trains the students in most difficult task of proper reading and writing Hindi. The club lays special emphasis on improving the writing of the students. Students are also prepared for Role Plays, Dramas and Debates.

  • In the month of September Hindi Week is celebrated in which both interhouse and interschool competitions are held.
  • Hindi Calligraphy competition is held in the month of April.